Please help us to develop new treatments for WA patients!

Patients who participate in clinical trials get access to life-saving treatments not currently available

Our target is to raise $50,000 in 2020!

Funds raised will be used to cover ethics approval, start-up costs, patient recruitment and program administration costs for multiple myeloma clinical trials. Your support will enable us to safely test new treatments to improve the health outcomes for patients with multiple myeloma. 

All new treatments for blood disorders must first be rigorously studied in clinical trials before being made available to the wider community. Consequently, patients who participate in clinical trials get access to potentially lifesaving treatments not currently available elsewhere.

PBI is committed to facilitating the development of new treatments for blood cancers. Your generous support will enable our involvement in testing new treatments to improve the health outcomes for patients with blood disorders, including multiple myeloma. 

Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a type of bone marrow cancer arising from a part of our immune system (plasma cells). Approximately 1,800 individuals are diagnosed with myeloma in Australia each year. Currently there is no cure for myeloma, but with treatment it can be controlled for many years. With the emergence of many new and more targeted treatments, survival rates have increased dramatically. Access to novel therapies is crucial to providing those affected by myeloma with the best chance of long-term disease control and survival.

Our target is to raise $50,000 to enable our participation in a network of collaborative myeloma clinical trials developed by experts within Australia. These trials are aimed at patients with both newly-diagnosed and relapsed myeloma. Importantly, these clinical trials are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry in the same way many clinical trials are normally funded, and therefore our ability to participate and bring these new treatment options to patients in Western Australia relies exclusively on raising funds to employ our clinical research nurses, doctors and coordinators. With your help, we can bring new and potentially more effective treatment options to a greater number of patients living with myeloma in Western Australia.

For further details, or to discuss these or other clinical trials, please contact us.