The continuous support and dedicated following of Perth Blood Institute is transforming the lives of people suffering from blood-related health conditions and our vision of a ‘world without blood disorders' but we need more innovative breakthroughs. 

Standing side-by-side with PBI's Founding Chair, Professor Ross Baker, our team strive to advance haematological research and facilitate clinical trials into common, rare and fatal blood diseases.

Every donation we receive helps to fund:

  • Vital translational research into blood disorders including thrombosis, haemophilia and blood cancers;
  • Clinical research into the development of new treatments or intervention;
  • The development of educational programs to foster the next generation of career haematologists;
  • Community education and support programs to patients and their families.

Though being diagnosed with a blood disorder can be disheartening, personal storytelling provides powerful testimony and assists us to promote a greater awareness of the warning signs - both to the Australian and global community. Awareness of symptoms, and seeking timely medical care, can be lifesaving. We have a collection of personal stories about living with a blood disorder and we are grateful to every single person who has bravely shared their story - please visit our personal stories page to take a read.

Donate today and help make an incredible difference today and into the future

PBI undertakes multiple clinical trials each year as part of its work to prevent, treat and cure blood disorders. With your continued financial support, PBI can equip our researchers to continue to develop globally renowned research and clinical trials into blood disorders.

Thank you.

Professor Ross Baker

Chair, Perth Blood Institute