Due to the complexity and rarity of blood disorders, a collaborative effort is required in collecting samples for vital research. PBI collaborates with a large network of national and international partners to establish important disease biobanks. These collaborative networks also conduct research for the standardisation of critical diagnostic assays for rare disease and associated methodologies to expedite disease diagnosis. 

Translational Research Collaborations

Our Translational Research Team’s collaboration projects are outlined below.



Asia-Pacific Microangiopathic Thrombocytopenia Network  (APMAT) See APMAT for details.
Factor 8 Exon Skipping as a Potential Therapy for Haemophilia A
Novel nucleic acid-based biomarkers for thrombotic disorders and in undruggable/difficult to drug cancers

miRNA Regulation of Coagulation Factors

Anticoagulant Reversal Events Study (ARES) See ARES for details.

Large Immune Complex and their role in thrombosis

Anti-thrombin aptamer

Platelet Research Collaborations

Our Platelet Research Team has a wide network of research collaborators, locally and overseas. These scientists are world experts in their fields, and their contributions are instrumental in our multidisciplinary studies - contributing specialist techniques, knowledge and skills. They are co-investigators on many of our projects, and also co-supervise several higher-degree graduate students (Masters, Honours and PhDs).

The Platelet Research Team’s collaboration projects are outlined below.



The investigation of pancreatic cancer-derived factors that contribute to cancer-associated thrombosis

Investigation of Novel Biomarkers for Pancreatic Cancer
Targeting platelets in pancreatic cancer therapy
The role of Factor Xa inhibitor and ADAM10 activity on amyloid precursor protein processing in platelet, and dementia risk (co-investigator, Prof Gardiner, ANU)
Investigating a role for the γ-Secretase enzyme in human derived induced microglia-like cells
The significance of melanoma-derived exosomes in endothelial dysfunction and metastasis
Investigating the Functional Role of ORP1-S in Cancer
Analysis of Neutrophils in the Elderly Environment

Several platelet-related studies as well as dementia-related projects

Platelet/cancer studies with a study on platelet/pregnancy in the pipeline

For more information on PBI research collaborations, please contact our research division.