In 2012, at 79 years of age, Beverley experienced her first blood clot in her right lung. Her pulmonary emboli were diagnosed by chance whilst she was having a CAT scan of her chest/abdomen during an oncology treatment.

"I guess it reminded me of just how precious life is.” Beverley

Beverley’s pulmonary emboli were severe, and she presented with pulmonary hypertension as a result. Due to this, Beverley’s ability to walk was limited. The pulmonary emboli and general clotting including DVT’s in her legs continued but were controlled by medication and regular monitoring.

Beverley’s daughter Suzi was an important part of her support system and as a nurse understood the challenges that those affected by thrombosis can face. Suzi expressed the difficulty of seeing a loved one affected by these challenges.

“I am proud of how resilient Mum is and how even when she is not feeling at all well, how positive she always stays!” Suzi

Beverley continued to achieve her goals, finishing and publishing her book, despite being seriously ill. She presses the importance of having a good Haematologist and always following their instructions.