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When Bridget was 35, at 25 weeks gestation during her third pregnancy, she was diagnosed suddenly with a pulmonary embolism (PE) in her lungs. Bridget had had no prior warning, no family history of blood clots, and had never heard of a pulmonary embolism or its risk factors.

“I had no idea what pulmonary embolism was, nor did I know it was a potential problem during pregnancy which can have dramatic consequences. Looking back, the warning signs were very clear yet also easily mistaken as general pregnancy symptoms” – Bridget

Bridget explained that the hardest thing that resulted from her PE was injecting an anticoagulant medication into her thighs while she was pregnant and afterwards. During this challenging time, Bridget lost all her fitness as she had to spend more time resting and could no longer be the active and fun mum to her young boys.

Bridget is most proud of being able to come out the other side of this difficult journey. She is now running again and says that she is back to being the fun mum that she promised her boys she would be.

“Developing thrombosis during pregnancy was a huge eye opener. It was a massive wake up call to appreciate my life, health, and fitness. I couldn’t wait to feel ‘healthy’ again. I couldn’t wait to be able to walk and talk at the same time without being breathless.” – Bridget
Bridget is now passionate about spreading the word and educating other young women about the signs associated with thrombosis during pregnancy through her Midnight Mums social media pages.