I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your response to our recent appeal for donations and thank you sincerely for supporting Perth Blood Institute’s (PBI) vision of a ‘world without blood disorders’. As we continue to strive towards blood disorders becoming a thing of the past, I recognise this life-changing work would not be possible without the support we receive from our community of loyal followers.

Thanks to people like you, PBI’s research team was the first to understand the complexity of microRNAs control on blood coagulation factors – Protein S and Tissue Factor – leading to the discovery of a mechanism of oestrogen-mediated thrombosis in 2021. This breakthrough has provided crucial information on understanding microRNAs' action and its link to coagulation processes and is a powerful tool to have in developing personalised precision medicines.

While this has been an incredible achievement, it is of vital importance that we continue to build on this knowledge and ensure that it is supported into the future. We need to continue to advance our understanding of blood disorders through scientific discovery. This is challenging but necessary.

I am passionate about changing the lives of people living with blood disorders as they learn how to respond and adjust to the demanding impacts of their lifelong illness.  At PBI, we believe the best way to make this change is through research to find out which treatments work better for patients and seeking innovative treatments that may ultimately cure blood disorders.

Today I invite you to help with the progress of scientific innovation by donating to PBI. Whether large or small, every donation makes a valuable contribution to our goal of ‘making blood disorders a thing of the past’. It is through research that we have the hope of spending more time with our precious loved ones and see them flourish in life, free from the impacts of living with debilitating blood disorders.