Perth Blood Institute takes the health of our staff, patients and supporters very seriously. We are responding to the COVID-19 situation and reviewing our protocols and responses daily. We thank all our stakeholders for working with us at this time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Cate Cassarchis, CEO

COVID-19 - current procedures

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our clinical trial clinic remains open for both prospective and existing clinical trial patients. We are in constant communication with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that PBI is adapting clinical trial protocols to safeguard our staff and patients wherever possible.

Follow this link to learn more about the steps we're taking to anticipate the protection of our patients and staff.       

COVID-19 - Impact on blood transfusions and blood donations

Some members of the community may be concerned about the potential transmission of the COVID-19 virus through blood products, such as through blood transfusions. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus which thrives on airway secretions rather than in the blood. Therefore the risk of acquiring COVID-19 from blood transfusions is very low unless the blood donation occurred when you were acutely unwell. Normal pre-donation screening questions for illness would make you ineligible to donate.

Advice from the Australian Red Cross is that the usual post donation  screening of blood products continues. However, measures to ensure that those receiving transfusions are protected from COVID-19 include: a 28-day donation postponement for donors who have recently returned from overseas and those who have been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus. Measures to ensure that those donating blood are protected include: increased disinfection of centres, ceasing the use of handgrips for donors while donating and restrictions on non-donating visitors.

Perth Blood Institute follows strict protocols to protect staff and patients when receiving blood products and taking blood samples.

My message to you is – if you rely on blood products, you should feel confident to continue to receive them as they are life saving. If you are considering to be or are a regular blood donor and you are fit and well, it is vital in these troubled times that you continue to donate blood. 

Professor Ross Baker, Chair

COVID-19 and thrombosis

Though evidence is currently limited, it appears that thrombosis does not increase the risk of developing COVID-19. However, people infected with COVID-19 who are admitted to hospital have a higher risk of thrombosis.

For more information please read the following article