Janice’s first experience with thrombosis was a blood clot in her brain, behind her right eye. She’d had a brain scan some years earlier that indicated she’d had an unnoticed stroke and was stunned with these scan results.

Janice had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation in 2006. Atrial fibrillation is a form of irregular heart rate. It is important to diagnose and treat atrial fibrillation to help prevent serious complications such as stroke and heart failure. Her family had a history of clotting as well - her mother had developed thrombosis after starting the contraceptive pill in 1962 and her father had passed away from a large stroke at the age of 84.

“I am proud that I have accepted the situation, followed medical advice, and educated myself on the problem so that I can live life to the full.” – Janice

Now, Janice has experienced three strokes. The second and third happened almost simultaneously when she was 58 years old and she lost sight in both eyes for almost 10 minutes when sitting at her computer desk. It was determined that the strokes were likely secondary to her atrial fibrillation.

Following this, Janice participated in a cardio rehabilitation program for 18 months which taught her to manage her heart condition.

Janice said that her biggest challenge was accepting that this could have happened to a normal, young, fit person working and living life. She explained that she had always lived a healthy lifestyle, but now is even more conscientious with food choices and exercise.