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Whilst in hospital recovering from surgery, Marina’s first clot developed in her calf when she was 30 years of age. Marina was shocked as she was told what the consequences of the clot could be and the seriousness of the situation. Due to her clot, she had many consequent clots and surface clots. The recurring surface clots she experiences means that she needs to be on medication indefinitely.

“There are too many things in my life I want to do to let this condition stop me.” Marina

Marina explains her biggest challenge to be when she started menopause. She was unable to risk taking any medication that could ease her symptoms of menopause because of her thrombosis. If Marina had not been diagnosed, she says that she would have unknowingly taken a medication which could have guaranteed that she developed a clot.

At times Marina struggles with her condition but she refuses to let it control her life. She continues to remain active and even trained and swam the Rottnest swim with her children last year.

“My advice to others is how very dangerous thrombosis is. It can be life threatening.” Marina