Wednesday 10 November, marks a very special milestone in PBI’s calendar as we celebrate the launch of Thrombosis Australia, the first initiative of its kind in Australia.

At Thrombosis Australia, you’ll find a central hub of online information, with resources to increase awareness and understanding of thrombotic disorders such as deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and stroke.

The website provides evidence-based medical and lifestyle support for individuals affected by thrombosis, their families and the wider community; it also provides resources to health professionals to assist them in the provision of healthcare to their patients.

As we look back on a successful first year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our blood community for your trust and continued support of Thrombosis Australia and founder, Perth Blood Institute.

Our achievements would not be possible without the invaluable support we receive from our incredible community of supporters.

We are thrombosis survivors        

Thrombosis Australia offers a platform for individuals to share their stories and experiences after being diagnosed with a thrombotic event. The brave stories of survivors who appear on our website play an important role in helping us share the Perth Blood Institute story, and to engage with our supporters, families, and patients.

Though being diagnosed with a condition is always unfortunate, sharing personal stories provides powerful testimony and assists us to promote a greater awareness of thrombosis to the Australian community. It is our goal that in sharing these stories, we increase awareness and save lives.

Looking ahead

One in four people worldwide die from conditions related to Thrombosis and through Thrombosis Australia, we aim to raise awareness on how to prevent thrombosis and subsequently help reduce that number.

Did you know that 70% of blood clots are preventable and most of the risk factors are modifiable? Thrombosis is preventable and treatable if discovered early and our TA team remain firmly committed to providing information on how to prevent thrombosis, assisting patients and their families in understanding their condition.

“It’s generally a little-known fact that thrombosis is the one disorder that causes the world's top three cardiovascular killers - heart attack, stroke and embolism."          Professor Ross Baker, Chair, Perth Blood Institute