PBI’s research scientist Grace Gilmore took part in the virtual THANZ (Thrombosis & Haemostasis Society) Scientific Workshop last Saturday, 18 September.

The annual THANZ Scientific Workshop is for THANZ members, clinicians, scientists, and researchers working in the fields of thrombosis and haemophilia.

As well as working as a research scientist for PBI, Grace is the local organising committee member for THANZ and played the part of welcoming a wonderful group of expert speakers to the event.

The first half of the workshop discussed routine and functional coagulation assays for diagnosing vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, and the second half focused on lab issues, including RCPA QAP and Emicizumab testing, with Grace leading the conversation on new rapid testing for ADAMTS 13 activity.

Not only is Grace a leader in her field, she also plays a huge role in providing innovative educational opportunities and discussion for health professionals across the world.