Professor Midori Shima is a leading paediatric Haematologist from Nara, Japan.

With the support of Roche Pty Ltd, PBI was delighted to give Perth health professionals the opportunity to hear Professor Shima speak on the impact of new therapies on clot wave analysis at the PBI hosted Education Dinner on 19th October 2019. Professor Shima spoke about his involvement in laboratory and clinical research, and specifically about his contribution to the development of the FVIII mimicking bispecific antibody Emicizumab.

Significantly, this monoclonal antibody for Haemophiliacs is the first product that is not a replacement product. Instead it creates a bridge in the clotting cascade to restore the clotting function. Where currently Haemophiliacs need to inject themselves with FVIII product every day, Emicizumab is only taken once every four weeks, making this a truly life-changing product.

The audience included clinicians, scientists and researchers working in the fields of thrombosis and haemophilia.

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