Medications are the most widely used medical assistance or intervention in the health industry, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the risk of medication-related harm has been significantly intensified. As a result, the World Health Organization has nominated ‘Medication Safety’ as the theme for this year’s World Patient Safety Day. This global public health day emphasises the need to adopt a systems approach and to promote safe medication practices, to prevent medication errors and reduce medication-related harm.

Clinical trials are essential tools in modern medicine. All new drugs or health interventions must pass through the intricate clinical trial testing process prior to approval. They are crucial for the development of new medical treatments and help determine if new medicines are effective and safe for patients.

At Perth Blood Institute (PBI) we pride ourselves on a rigorous and methodical approach to our clinical trials. The PBI clinical trials unit work collaboratively with the sponsors to ensure ethical and safe practices are in place and ongoing. The clinical trials team maintain an open and transparent relationship with the patients who participate in our trials and make it a priority to ensure they always feel safe and are comfortable with the process.

The continuing commitment by PBI’s research team and clinical trials unit led to the development of a safe and successful medical treatment for Haemophilia A.

One of PBI’s patients, John, has suffered from the excruciating symptoms associated with Haemophilia A for decades. John was the first patient in Australia to receive the new drug as part of a worldwide clinical trial, and it has been life-changing for him. John successfully remained on the trial until it came to an end two months ago and continues with the new drug which is now approved for Australian patients by the TGA. Read more about John’s experience.

If you would like further details about PBI’s clinical trials please read our Clinical Trials Information Booklet .


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