PBI has an active program of clinical trials and performs state-of-the-art research into bleeding and clotting disorders and blood cancers. We are regularly contacted to take part in new clinical trials for improved treatments for blood disorders – this provides Western Australians with the opportunity to access new treatments.

Simple steps to see if you are eligible for a clinical trial

  1. Speak to your GP about the clinical trial you are interested in – they can confirm your eligibility with one of our Haematologists;

  2. Obtain a GP referral to one of our treating doctors;

  3. Make an appointment with a treating doctor and specifically ask about Clinical Trials; and

  4. Undergo an assessment against eligibility criteria by the treating doctor – if you meet criteria, you will then be booked for an eligibility test / screening.

Please note: Not everyone is able to participate in a Clinical Trial. Clinical Trials have very strict criteria which must be met before eligibility is confirmed. Criteria include disease status, specific blood results, prior treatments and therapies used.