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In July 2020, at 26 weeks pregnant, Tiffany experienced tenderness behind her left knee as well as it being hot to touch. After her husband took a photo of her knee, Tiffany noticed a bright red area and a line tracking down towards her calf; being a nurse, she knew it was a thrombosis of some kind.

Tiffany was sent by her obstetrician for an emergency Doppler the following day where they discovered a large superficial clot in her left leg (measuring 35cm), and a DVT in the groin – this was the main area of concern. Her haematologist immediately prescribed Clexane to be self-administered twice daily.

"Within 48 hours I was admitted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with breathing difficulties and elevated heart rate. It was then they discovered that I had multiple pulmonary embolisms." - Tiffany

Tiffany was monitored over the following days and was advised to rest and wear compression stockings.

Due to the complexity of her pregnancy, she was referred to St Vincent’s Private Hospital at 27 weeks pregnant. At the time of her diagnoses, COVID-19 was peak in Melbourne, with the state experiencing strict lockdowns, so her partner couldn’t attend appointments.

As a result of Tiffany’s diagnosis, she experienced energy depletion and shortness of breath, and physically struggled through her final trimester. Keeping up with her two-year-old toddler and managing work commitments added to the exhaustion.

"The biggest challenges for me were attending all the appointment, seeing specialists and feeling unsupported during hospital stays due to COVID-19 restrictions." - Tiffany

Tiffany was induced at 38 weeks gestation, with Clexane injections ceasing 24 hours before the induction. Happily, baby Caleb was born a healthy 8lb 4oz, however six hours after birth, Tiffany had to recommence the Clexane injections.

"I am most proud of my level of resilience, that going through this experience has shown me."
"Being a nurse, I am very familiar with thrombosis and the risk factors associated with pregnancy. But I never in a million years expected something like this to happen to me, let alone the seriousness of the clots!" - Tiffany

Tiffany’s knowledge of pregnancy and thrombosis first started approximately 12 months before her own thrombosis experience when her school friend and founder of Midnight Mums, Bridget Jarrad, suffered with clots in her third pregnancy. Tiffany remembers thinking how serious it was and how lucky Bridget was to have a great medical team.

Because Tiffany had no high-risk factors or any underlying cause for the thrombosis, her haematologist was prompted to test for an inherited cause. Tiffany was diagnosed with having Factor V Leiden (FVL), an inherited blood-clotting disorder due to a mutation of the blood's factor V protein. It was later discovered her mum also has Factor V Leiden.

Since learning of her diagnosis, Tiffany requires Clexane for long distance travel. She also takes Xeralto (rivaroxaban) as an anticoagulant medication to prevent further blood clots.