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Our Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel consists of seven eminent Australian healthcare professionals.

Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel

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We are proud to be associated with the following ambassadors, all of who have personal experience of living with thrombosis and believe in the importance of understanding the risks, and timely diagnosis. They are proud survivors of thrombosis and we gratefully acknowledge their support.

Andrew Gaze

Andrew Gaze is proof that even the fittest, elite athletes are not immune from the risks of thrombosis. In 1990, aged 25 and at the height of his career, he was hospitalised with a rare DVT, a blood clot in his right shoulder which went to his lung – something he has described as one of the biggest challenges to his health.


Andrew Gaze made his professional debut with the Melbourne Tigers at age eighteen. A five-time Olympian, he captained the Australian Boomers from 1994 through to the Sydney 2000 Games, where he was the nation’s flag-bearer.

In 1991, Gaze was named among the 50 greatest players by FIBA - the International Basketball Federation. He was inducted into the Australian Basketball Hall of Fame in 2004.


Dr Sally Cockburn

Dr Sally Cockburn is a practicing GP and health educator. She has also been a high-profile media presenter (Dr Feelgood) for over 30 years on radio, TV and print. She has a strong commitment to Medical Education and has held numerous teaching positions. She has also been involved in health legislation reform and not-for-profit boards. Sally has received numerous accolades throughout her career, including a radio industry award for best documentary and in 2010 being inducted into the Victorian Women’s honour roll for harnessing the media to improve health communications.

Relevant to thrombosis - Sally survived a near fatal massive pulmonary embolism in 2018 and remains a vocal advocate for raising awareness of thrombosis prevention and early intervention.



Nicole Bales 

When she was 28 years old and just days before she was meant to fly to Italy, Nicole Bales was diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis - a serious infection in her heart. The infection did so much damage it resulted in her having open heart surgery to replace her mitral valve with a ceramic valve. As a result, Nicole must take warfarin every day for the rest of her life to help prevent clots forming. Despite this, in the years since the surgery she has had three transient ischemic attacks - also known as small strokes.

A professional writer who spends her days writing, editing, and proof-reading, Nicole believes in the power of words to evoke emotion and create a connection.

While Nicole has come through all the serious medical events life has thrown at her, she understands the profound and lasting impact they can have on a person’s life and confidence. It is her hope that by sharing her story and offering support, she can make a positive difference to those affected by thrombosis.