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Anella is well acquainted with the risks associated with pregnancy and thrombosis.

“Listening to how I needed to be injected every day during my pregnancy was the last thing I had expected to hear and my worst nightmare!” Anella

With a family history of thrombosis, Anella discovered that she has a Protein S Deficiency following a regular blood test to see if she carried the gene. Anella is the third generation in her family to be diagnosed with a form of thrombosis. Prior to her diagnosis she knew very little about thrombosis, other than her pre-conceived idea that blood clots only happen to older people.

At six weeks pregnant with her first child, she was informed that her Protein S had dropped, and she required a blood thinner to prevent blood clots and possible miscarriage.

After the initial shock, Anella realised this was the only thing to do to ensure the health and safe delivery of her baby. 

Now the mother of three healthy girls, Anella received daily injections from her husband throughout each of her pregnancies, not having the courage to inject herself.

“The first time I held each of my girls, the fear, pain and inconvenience of the needles were all gone.” Anella

On the whole, Anella’s life is generally unaffected by her Protein S Deficiency unless she travels long distances or is pregnant. Being informed about her condition enables her to ensure it does not unnecessarily impact her life.  Anella counts herself fortunate to have been blessed with safe pregnancies and healthy children.