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Thrombosis Australia is a central information and resource hub for the community proudly brought to you by the Perth Blood Institute



Our Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel consists of seven eminent Australian healthcare professionals.

Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel

If you are a healthcare professional you can access the Thrombosis Australia Professionals site here:

Thrombosis Australia Professionals


If a person experiences thrombosis such as DVT, PE or cardio-embolic stroke it is a significant life event. Sometimes thrombosis is the first episode of a serious medical illness in a person’s life. It has a major effect on the person, their family and friends. Numerous important questions are asked that will have a major bearing on preventing further thrombosis and living a healthy life. Sometimes the psychological shock of having thrombosis and the fear of recurrence can be crippling. Understanding and preventing the side effects of anticoagulant medication is empowering for the individual.

Thrombosis Australia is the brainchild of Professor Ross Baker, a practicing haematologist for over 30 years with a passion for all aspects of blood management including clinical research to identify new treatments, supporting his patients through their challenging journeys, and training and encouraging emerging health practitioners to specialise in haematology.

“The blood plays a vital role in our health, with over 17,000 people developing thrombosis in Australia each year and 1 in 4 people worldwide dying from conditions caused by thrombosis. Yet up to 70% of deaths are preventable if identified and treated early.” Professor Ross Baker

In every country, strategies and resources for preventing thrombosis differ. Professor Baker recognised the enormous need among health professionals to have access to a central source of information that would support their understanding of thrombosis practice in Australia, assist them in caring for their patients and also be a hub for them to share and exchange information and ideas.

For someone diagnosed with thrombosis, or who is at risk of thrombosis, Thrombosis Australia provides a place where they can source information on what thrombosis is, and access tools to assist them and their families to both understand and cope at a challenging time in their lives.

“As the resource grows, new tools and forums will be created to enable health professionals, patients and their families to build their network of supporters.” Professor Ross Baker

Thrombosis Australia was developed to provide people who are at risk or suffer from thrombosis with an accurate and a trusted source of information and connection. It avoids the jungle of misinformation from online searches from less than reliable sources.

Thrombosis Australia Professionals is designed to assist doctors and health professionals with  up-to-date information about preventing, diagnosing and managing patients at-risk of developing thrombosis.