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Tony was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in 2016 at the age of 63. The blood clot originated in his left calf but had migrated to his upper thigh by the time it was found. Tony had no knowledge of a family history of clotting and thought of himself as relatively fit and healthy.

Tony first noticed swelling in his left calf which became a sharp pain in his upper thigh. His doctor immediately requested an ultrasound which was when the DVT was discovered. His DVT was diagnosed as “unprovoked” as there had been no identifiable cause.

Because Tony had a high risk of a recurrence of thrombosis, he was placed on anticoagulation medication indefinitely and now wears compression stockings.

"My GP immediately requested an ultrasound which confirmed there was a blood clot lodged in my upper thigh." - Tony

After some time, Tony was able to return to his regular exercise, including daily walks. To further prevent the chance of a second DVT, he also reduced his meal sizes as well as alcohol intake and cut out beer completely. This helped him maintain a healthy weight and reduced the risks associated with developing a DVT.

Tony’s wife Karen knew what a DVT was but not what the symptoms were – swelling of the leg, redness of the skin, and warmth of the leg. To help Tony, Karen also reduced her meal sizes and alcohol consumption. She stresses the importance of early discovery in treating and preventing thrombosis.

“I wish we had obtained an ultrasound assessment at the first sign of pain in my husband’s calf.” - Karen