Thrombosis Australia

Thrombosis Australia is a central information and resource hub for the community proudly brought to you by the Perth Blood Institute



Our Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel consists of seven eminent Australian healthcare professionals.

Thrombosis Australia Advisory Panel

If you are a healthcare professional you can access the Thrombosis Australia Professionals site here:

Thrombosis Australia Professionals


Mission, vision, and values

Our mission

  • To be an authoritative source of information on thrombosis for both the community and healthcare professionals.
  • To highlight awareness of thrombosis, its causes, risk factors, prevention and treatment.

Our vision

  • To increase the awareness of thrombosis and work with healthcare professionals and the community to decrease the incidence and improve the care of thrombotic conditions. 

Our values

C - Compassion, Commitment, Collaboration.

A - Accessibility, Agility.

R - Respect, Responsiveness.

E - Excellence, Ethical, Evidence-based engagement.